Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 2 ---- BIl Is Back

Sun Set -- Beautiful

The eight all together finally.

Watch out ladies

"thats a peach hon"

After what was a couple of scary moments Bill was back with us today for round 2. Finally, we have 8. All seems in harmony for a great night out as well as a final Sunday round that will be about as memorable as any golf tournament in history and definitely more funny that any pro golf that I have ever witnessed. Round 2 is over scores are as follows.

Bill Woolston - 118
Chris Hatton - 111
Cameron Mitchell - 110
Tony Done - 110
Craig Hatton - 96
Corey Waggoner - 90
Billy Schulder - 88
Barry Christiansen - 87

Good Night All


  1. yahoo...121 down to 110...must have found your foot wedge. keep the stuff coming, Pops

  2. adele wants to know if you're having hard liquor in sippy cups?