Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Courses

This years courses.....are going to kick my ass. However, they are named to seem so easy. The first two days Friday and Saturday we will be kicking it Bear Dog style at the Revere Lexington course. You can familiarize yourself by clicking the link below. It looks a beautiful course that plays into most of our games. Easy, short and waterfalls abound. Good thing I got that new snorkle. Should be a great warm up for the Sunday round.
Click below to visit the course of the first two rounds of Ragerfest 2009.

The Sunday round will be executed at the Bali Hai Golf Club and by all accounts looks to be a grand finale to a weekend of golf. We thank Tony for getting us a great deal for what looks to be a killer course. Click on the link below and then view the video of the course layout to see just what is in store for us on Sunday.

I love the relaxed sound of the guys voice as he describes what is ultimately going to kick my ass come Sunday. Oh Shipwreck sounds awesome. Asshole.

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